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Fri, 01 Sep 2017
September Blog
2017 is really going in fast I can't believe it's September already. I had a great time having a break in August enjoying The Edinburgh Festival enjoying shows and the whole atmosphere, now I'm ready to get back into Birding tomorrow im visiting The Scottish Seabird Centre and the following weekends visiting other places I've really missed Birding so next  month will be a longer blog but for now it's great to be back.

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Tue, 01 Aug 2017
August Blog
This is going to be a very short blog I'm afraid, after my trip to Portugal I had a little rest but returned to my local patch it was good but far too quiet so I decided to take a break from Birding trips and get back into it in September. I will watch birds in my garden but mostly in August I will be in Edinburgh soaking up The Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Already got a few Birding trips planned for September including a trip back in The Outer Hebrides which I am looking forward to, until then enjoy August.

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Mon, 03 Jul 2017
July Blog
On Saturday I returned from a great 2 week holiday in Lagos Portugal and had a amazing time. Arriving there was by taxi from Faro Airport to Lagos and no longer had I entered the town I saw my first bird, a White Stork on a nest but not just one, there were lots of nest sites all over the place so I'd look forward seeing them closely. The villa was nice with a roof top terrace, I wondered up and checked out the view, it was a stunning view there was lots Gulls flying around with some on a nest with chicks. There was a lot of screeching sounds coming above me and I looked up and saw lots of Swallows flying around it was quite a spectacular site, you would even hear them whilst wondering down on the streets were the restaurants and bars were situated. We had barbecues on the rooftop terrace and normally when you have one in the UK you can guarantee Gulls will come swooping in, not in Portugal they left you well alone which was good. The following day I went to visit one of The White Storks and it's chicks on it's nest it was a great thrill to be quite close to them . Throughout the week I watched more Storks on a nest and saw them flying around with a Little Egret close by fishing, you don't normally get to see a great spectacle like that. I also went on a Seafari Dolphin Boat Trip and with any boat trip you can't always guarantee to see Dolphin's but we were very successful seeing them up close and having a play around next to the boat. The second week came and we moved to another villa because the rest of the family were joining us. On the first day outside the pool area one of my family asked me what that weird bird was that was making a extrodinary noise and flying around, it had a black cap head with blue wings I went through my bird guide and announced it was a Azure Winged Magpie a great tick for me, I also saw lots of Alpine Swifts flying around too sometimes they would skim along the pool. That week I also saw House Martin's there were lots of nests on the roof around the town and you can see the parents feed the chicks, one nest you could get a clearer view of the chicks, what was weird though no one else bothered to look at them they did not know what they were missing. So overall it was a great holiday I would definitely go back.

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Mon, 05 Jun 2017
June Blog
I have very exciting news, my Great Tit family left the nestbox at the end of May. Towards the end of the month I noticed one kept peering out the hole and they all had grown up very fast. It was on the morning of the 23rd of May during breakfast I switched the tv on to watch them and no later I sat down one flew out followed by the other three it was gone in a instinct there was no chick left they all left together. I feel sad that they left but I am so glad they all survived and wish them well I hope next year they will be back, I haven't seen them in the garden but I will have a look out. On the 22nd I went to North Berwick to visit Craigleith & Bass Rock on the Scottish Seabird Centre's Boat Trip. The morning it was very wet but it dried up in time for the trip it was great seeing Puffins on Craigleith as well as other Seabirds. Of course the highlight was arriving at Bass Rock the smell, the sight is unreal its a great place to visit you can see a video on my YouTube site. I am not taking part in 30Days Wild this year because I am busy with other things and I will be in Portugal next week but I urge you all to take part until next time.

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Wed, 03 May 2017
May Blog
It is a beautiful warm sunny day today and now hopefully by now our Summer visitors will be arriving. I was really excited on Sunday whilst I was Birding I saw my first Swallows of the year to me once I've seen them Spring has started for me. Most of you hopefully will have nestboxes in your garden and hopefully some of you may have Camera Nestboxes too. I too have a Camera Nestbox and I do have great news, I do have birds nesting in my Camera Nestbox and that is what this blog is all about. It all started at the beginning of April I saw a Great Tit going in and checking out the box, my real response was fantastic l was hoping they will stay because last year a Great Tit moved in and all looked promising because she brought in nesting materials in but sadly she never finished it and never returned. This one one however did bring in nesting material and I mean a lot of nesting materials, it really is exciting honestly I've not really watched proper tv just kept the tv on the Great Tit Box. I kept on watching the past couple of days watching the nest get completed, a Bumblebee kept flying in now and then sometimes too much I was getting worried incase it will put off The Great Tit, it didn't when she come back in she will just grab the bee and take it out. In the middle of the month infant on Easter Sunday The Great Tit who I have named Bea (because of all the Bumblebee action she had to deal with) laid 3 eggs I was very excited the next day another egg appeared. Yesterday 3 of the eggs hatched and the fourth one hatched today so now it's getting all very exciting it's like having my own Springwatch. If you want to see some Nestbox action visit my YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/user/EuanBuchan or keep checking for updates on my Facebook & Twitter pages. I will let you know next month how they are getting on, now if you excuse me I have Great Tit's to watch.

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